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Coastal Metal Recycling

Houston Scrap Metal Sellers & Buyers

Coastal scrap metal recycling has served our commercial and residential scrap metal customers with our full-service, customer friendly recycling center. We provide scrap metal industrial pick-ups for our commercial and industrial accounts and accept public walk-ins at our facility.

So, clean out your commercial warehouse or garage and recycle all the scrap metal you find.  Let us turn your trash into cash.  Many are surprised by how much they walk away with.  Come scrap with us today! 713-690-6777

Drive-thru Service

Houston scrap metal recycling of copper, aluminum, steel, iron and non-ferrous metalsIn addition to excellent customer service, Coastal Metal Recycling has an exclusive indoor facility where you can be quickly unloaded to protect you from Houston’s extreme weather. We believe in providing our customers with a clean, fast and friendly environment in a facility where you can drive in, unload your scrap and get paid without getting wet in a storm!


Metals we buy include:

Copper, plumbing brass, aluminum, stainless, nickel alloys, A/C coils/condensers, radiators, copper wire, carbide, litho plates, scrap iron/steel, catalytic converters, x-Ray Films, appliances, electric motors, car batteries, scrap lead and aluminum wheels/rims.  We also purchase aluminum shavings, brass shavings, aluminum cans and iron appliances.

Family owned and operated

Houston's scrap metal recycling buyer

Scott and Zulma McCall are here to serve you!

We are a family owned and operated scrap metal recycling facility since 1990. We are located in Northwest Houston on Hempstead Highway.

We pride ourselves as a community-based company that is Houston-proud and economy-minded.  We have positioned ourselves as a leader in preservation of Houston’s environment.

Under the ownership of Scott and Zulma McCall, Coastal Metal Recycling has risen to be the best of the best in metal recycling!

Competitive metal pricing and quality customer service has helped us grow our business. Our satisfied customers enjoy fast and friendly service.We encourage Houston to recycle by giving you top dollar for your metal and appliances!

Come and experience a better way to sell your metal in Houston, Texas!

14002 Hempstead Rd.
Houston, TX 77040
M-F 8am-5pm
Saturdays 9am- 12pm

Located in Houston on the corner of Tidwell and Hempstead Road

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